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PACIFICCORP Journeyman Electrician (S) (Local 57) in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

* PacifiCorp is seeking customer-centric candidates to grow and sustain our commitment to a culture of customer service excellence, environmental sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion. Responsibilities As a Journeyman Plant Electrician, you will be responsible for plant electrical generating systems and support equipment and systems and ensure these are in proper working condition for maximum production of electrical energy under the direction and review of a Plant Manager. *Troubleshoot, maintain, repair, program, and replace electrical, electronic, and computer equipment and systems such as digital and analog control systems, A-C and D-C control circuits, magnetic starters, interlock systems, alarms, annunciators, and fire protection systems and recorders to ensure reliable and safe electric generation. *Maintain and calibrate electrical equipment such as oil circuit breakers, generator complex, instrument transformers, bushings, commutators, bearings, resistors, controllers, and solid state devices. *Maintain and repair electric cranes and all other electrical systems as found on mobile equipment and-or plant electrical systems, including air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and environmental protection equipment. *Maintain and calibrate high voltage switchgear and equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, and reactors which control the flow of electricity from the generating units. *Maintain and calibrate recorders and vibration equipment. *Set up and test various electrical equipment with the use of special testing devices to measure voltage, current, and resistance or locate faults, malfunctions, or device failures. *Work from blueprints, manufacturer's bulletins, and instruction manuals to install, troubleshoot, or maintain electrical equipment. *Operate various mobile equipment such as forklift, crane, backhoe, and cherry picker in the process of installing, repairing, or maintaining various electrical equipment. *Set up rigging for the movement of heavy loads such as transformers and large motors. *Maintain electrical metering and monitoring equipment such as recording charts, meters, meggars, and scopes. *Train, instruct, and direct the work of apprentices and helpers as assigned by the Plant Manager. *Inspect all electrical equipment in assigned area and perform routine preventive maintenance to ensure continuity of electrical service. *Prepare various reports such as motor reports, maintenance reports, equipment readings, safety inspections, battery reports, and other special reports as required by supervision for evaluating plant equipment and special reports as required by supervision for evaluating plant equipment and operations. *May be required to certify in special plant equipment to meet state and federal requirements. *When management determines that it is efficient to do so, employees in this classification may be assigned duties of less complexity.Requirements Qualified candidates must have 3 years' Journeyman Maintenance Electrician experience after completion of approved apprenticeship program or equivalent academic courses in the following areas: * *Electrical Theory and Applications AC-DC and Solid State Theory Blueprint Reading Test Equipment and Troubleshooting Motor Maintenance and Repair Motor Control Centers National Electrical Code Microprocessors, PMC, PLC Systems Air Conditioning-Refrigeration-Heating Personal and Equipment Protection Switch Gear and Circuit Breakers Transformer and Voltage Regulation Candidate must have the following academic requirements: * *Mathematics - Algebra, Trig, Formulas 6 sem. hrs- 9 qtr hrs. Electricity - AC-DC Theory, Transformers16 sem. hrs - 2 qtr hrs. Blueprint Reading - Drawing, Diagrams, Schematics 6 sem. hrs - 9 qtr. Hrs. Motor Control - AC-DC Motors, Repairs, Troubleshooting 14 sem. hrs - 21 qtr hrs. Electronics - SolidState, Microprocessor 16 sem. hrs - 24 qtr hrs. Must meet examining board review of skills an